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If you’re looking for a way to add a focal point to a room, plus a lot of interest, we’ve covered you with these inspiring wall design ideas. We all know the go-to method of constructing a feature wall while painting a wall in a beige space otherwise. But they’re on the run – more then. It is no longer limited to drawing, textures and prints, but more imaginative colours.


We all love a house plant, so why just restrict yourself to one Monstera? Try adding plenty of plants to your shelves to build a living wall look, or get some hanging pots for yourself.


Have you ever expanded your loved art collection, family memories or favorite postcards? Seek to bring them into the gallery to build a wall. If symmetry is your thing, weigh them carefully before you hang up, to get even spacing. If you want a more laid back look, first map your strategy on the floor before you pick up your ax

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Such elements of interior design include room, line, shapes, light, colour , texture and pattern; and the secret to creating an esthetically pleasing interior is to keep them balanced.